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  1. d-luX

    Extended Mapscripts

    How to add Ammo & Health supplies without editing a map in Radiant. 1. Extract the mapname.script out of the map.pk3 (maps folder) 2. Open the mapname.script with Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code 3. At the begining of the script find those lines: game_manager { spawn { and add...
  2. d-luX

    How to use the ticket system

    Click the "Tickets" button in the top menu bar. Choose a category and a subcategory (if exists). Click the orange "Open new ticket" button. Give your ticket a title. (will be used as display name in our filebase) Optional you can give a description and a preview image (256px 256px) for the file...
  3. d-luX

    Enemy Territory - Omni-Bot 0.81 Waypointing Tutorial

    This is the first part of a series of tutorials about making waypoints for Omni-Bot 0.81. PART 1 : Install and Setup Omni-Bot 0.81 You need a fresh install of Enemy Territory (Download) Download Omni-Bot 0.81 from our filebase Also download the Omnibot 0.81 Waypoint Mod from our filebase...