How to use the ticket system

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Click the "Tickets" button in the top menu bar.
Choose a category and a subcategory (if exists).
Click the orange "Open new ticket" button.
Give your ticket a title. (will be used as display name in our filebase)
Optional you can give a description and a preview image (256px 256px) for the file.

If the file you want to see in our filebase has an direct link like ><
you can post the link in your ticket instead of uploading the file via ticket.

If you havent a direct link to your file you can upload files (max. 128MB) via the ticket system.

!!!Important Note!!!
Do not compress your files with winrar. Windows 10 seems to have problems with zip files that were packed with Winrar. Please use 7zip or use Windows 10 itself to compress files.

7zip Download
How to create zip files with windows 10

Write your ticket than click on "Attach files". Next click on "Create ticket" but don't close the site until the upload has finished.
Otherwise the uploaded file will be corrupted.

That's all
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