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  1. d-luX

    Error links

    Has re-uploaded. Thanks for the reports.
  2. d-luX

    Extended Mapscripts

    That's weird. I copied your code and for me it works fine. Is somewhere in your code maybe a missing bracket?
  3. d-luX

    Extended Mapscripts

    How to add Ammo & Health supplies without editing a map in Radiant. 1. Extract the mapname.script out of the map.pk3 (maps folder) 2. Open the mapname.script with Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code 3. At the begining of the script find those lines: game_manager { spawn { and add...
  4. d-luX

    Display file size in subcategory view

    Added file size infos into the details page (below the "Download" button). File sizes will rounded up. Because of the file descriptions. We're still updating the database with images and descriptions. But there are a lot of files to update. So please be patient. :)
  5. d-luX

    hellping where i can

    Thanks a lot Chucky :)
  6. d-luX

    How to use the ticket system

    Click the "Tickets" button in the top menu bar. Choose a category and a subcategory (if exists). Click the orange "Open new ticket" button. Give your ticket a title. (will be used as display name in our filebase) Optional you can give a description and a preview image (256px 256px) for the file...
  7. d-luX

    Enemy Territory - Omni-Bot 0.81 Waypointing Tutorial

    This is the first part of a series of tutorials about making waypoints for Omni-Bot 0.81. PART 1 : Install and Setup Omni-Bot 0.81 You need a fresh install of Enemy Territory (Download) Download Omni-Bot 0.81 from our filebase Also download the Omnibot 0.81 Waypoint Mod from our filebase...