Enemy Territory - Omni-Bot 0.81 Waypointing Tutorial


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This is the first part of a series of tutorials about making waypoints for Omni-Bot 0.81.

PART 1 : Install and Setup Omni-Bot 0.81

  1. You need a fresh install of Enemy Territory (Download)
  2. Download Omni-Bot 0.81 from our filebase
  3. Also download the Omnibot 0.81 Waypoint Mod from our filebase
From here you can watch the video tutorial

When your'e ready to start :
-- In your Enemy Territory folder (where your et.exe is located) which you'll use for creating waypoints
--- create a StartOmnibot.bat file (a simple text file renamed from StartOmnibot.txt to StartOmnibot.bat) and insert following lines:

@echo off
et.exe +set r_mode -1 +set r_customwidth 1600 +set r_customheight 900 +set r_fullscreen 0 +set sv_pure 0 +set sv_cheats 1 +set fs_game omnibot +set g_dowarmup 0 +set g_warmup 10 +devmap mapname

Now save the file.

By clicking the bat-file the game will start with the Omni-Bot mod and the given map (+devmap mapname).
Now you can start creating waypoints.

In your console enter /exec wp .
This command enables all features you need to create waypoints.

By pressing the Enter key a popup menu will open (this I will explain in one of next parts)
By pressing the Insert key (0 on your numpad) you can run around and waypoints will be placed and connected right behind you and fully automatically
By pressing the Insert key again it will stop placing waypoints while you are running around the map.